Meditation, Energy Work and Consciousness Work


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Damien Wynne is a teacher and pioneer, helping people around the world clarify emotional injuries and mental blockages.

"My work can change your whole life, if you are open to it.
It’s a treasure-box full of tools to amplify your possibilities
It's not the time to hide your power -
it is the time for doers, for going into action with your potential!
We are all here to help each other to expand."

The basis of Damien's work is to support you to be more present with yourselve
and remember your own strength and self-responsibility. 

Damien has the extraordinary ability to connect to the highest possible frequencies in each given moment and make them available to the participants as an offer. The responsibility for their own clearing and development remains with the individual at all times.
Damien's seminars are always highly topical and at the same time individual and connected to the heart.

Damien has a gift to see the greatest version of you. He also has the abillity to see what is blocking you from imbodying your full potential. His work is based on results of many years of experience. He wants to see results in his own personal life and the ones he is working with. With his unique way of working and his own system-information he will inspire you to transform and come more into your body and into your life.

Which will bring you closer to yourself and give you the opportunity to connect in pure presence with yourself and all around you.