“Being naked” with Damien


Are you ready to face all unreflective parts of your system? Are you ready to live your full potential and change your life to the highest version of you?
Damien will spend one day with you from 10 am – 9 pm with hundred percent focus on you and your system information. He will support you to strip away all the illusions and belief systems which are not your own.

To participate in this very personal, life-changing coaching day requires a one-on-one session with Damien to discuss each other's desires, needs and opportunities with the question whether both sides really want to work together intensively for a whole day and he will also explain the cost of this coaching program.


When booking this daily program, the price for the individual session will be offset.
To spend a day with Damien requires a trip to Athens or Mykonos. Travel expenses are not included.

If you are seriously interested in a personal coaching day with Damien, please contact Esther Norman to arrange a paid session appointment (333 €): esther@damien-wynne.de