Light Grids Practitioners

This is a list of educated Light Grids-Practitioners agreeing to publish their data on our website. These therapists combine the Light-Grids-Technique individually with their own work in their practice, either in single sessions or in group work. The therapists themselves are entirely responsible for the quality of their work, we do not standardize the treatments.

Belgium, Netherlands, Great Britain, Ireland, Hungaria, Slovakia, Turkey

and on the German page your will find the Light Grids Practitioners in

GermanyAustria and Switzerland


Light Grids Practitioner




Jackie Delgado

City: 1081 GK Amsterdam

Email: byjackiedelgado@gmail.com

Work Area: Jackie is a Life/Business Coach and Light Grids Therapist who connects individuals and professionals with their authentic potential by supporting them in an empowering way.



Light Grids practitioner




Kristina Cauwenberghs

City: 3583 Paal / Beringen
Tel: +32 477 83 73 48

Email: kristina.cauwenberghs@gmail.com


Great Britain

Light Grids practitioner




Jody Shield

City: London E1 0DG
Tel: +44 7730 325294

Email: info@jodyshield.co.uk



Light Grids practitioner




Patrycja Kurczynska

City: Dublin area 2 -6
Tel: +353 87 667 4031

Email: liliann.ht@gmail.com


Light Grids practitioner





Csilla Balkányi

City: 1135 Budapest
Tel: +36 30 497 492

Email: balkanyicsilla@gmail.com

work areas: Csilla is a do-in teacher and a macrobiotic chef. She educates people in how to support themselves. She is specialized on eating disorders.

Light Grids-practitioner




Alexandra Ráth

City: Budapest

Tel: +36 30 372 1689

Email: luxika@wp.pl


Light Grids practitioner




Ágnes Marosi

City: 946 03 Kolárovo

Tel: +421 908 628206

Email: agi.aji.10@gmail.com



Light Grids practitioner




Dilek Ogan

City: 34880 Beşiktaş Akatlar Istanbul
Tel: +90 533-367 5998

Email: dilekogan13@gmail.com




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