Worldwide Meditation

Energy Work & Consciousness Work - Worldwide_Meditation

We invite you and look forward to your support!


Each first Sunday of a month from 8 pm to 8:30 pm (German time).


Worldwide, wherever you are at that moment.


As a Light Grids Practitioner (with Light Grids Education):

Tune into Light Grids: Go into your heart and connect with Mother Earth and the Divine Source.
Then connect with the other participants from heart to heart
and hold the space for 30 minutes with the pure intention:


“May those energies and information flow,
which are needed by everyone“.

As participant without Light Grids education:
Set the intention to tune into Light Grids Unity. Connect with the worldwide meditation and be open to receive whatever is able to support you.

Let us create a powerful energy field full of light!


With love from

Vadano Dieter Garnjost & Flowofambrosia

Weltweite Meditation Weltweite Meditation


No registration required.