• Single Sessions with Damien Wynne
    business coaching
  • consulting for entrepreneurs
  • personal development
  • one or two days with Damien

Individual sessions usually take around 60 minutes.
Single sessions with Damien are only possible via Internet (Zoom or Skype).
When Damien gives seminars in different places, his schedule is full and he is concentrating on working with the seminar participants, which means that unfortunately no personal meetings are possible on the spot.
Sessions via Internet take place at certain times between his travels.

For questions about prices and possible dates please contact: esther@damien-wynne.de


Feedbacks for the Single Sessions



Single-Sessions with Damien are only possible on personal issues.

If you would like to have comprehensive coaching on the topics of work, business, career and finances, there is that

3-month business coaching package

This includes: Every month a two-hour intensive session on the topic of business structures and how I can specifically develop my business / career.

In addition, two more 90-minute-sessions with the question of what changes must I make in order to effectively put my goals into action.

Furthermore, the opportunity to contact Damien in these three months via WhatsApp for short interim questions, with the assurance that he will respond within the next 8 hours.

In order to participate in this individual coaching program, it requires a half-hour-meeting with Damien, in which he will explain the costs of this coaching program and above all the mutual wishes, needs and opportunities will be discussed with the question whether both sides really want to work together for 3 months.

If you are seriously interested in this coaching program, please contact Esther Norman for a non-binding, free meeting-appointment: esther@damien-wynne.de