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Working with your Inner Child  –  August 6, 2015


Open Your Heart in all Directions –  July 29, 2015


Interview with Saba Tümer about the new work  – July 28, 2015


Crossing the Bridge to Yourself   –  July 23, 2015


Past-life Love   –   January 3, 2015


Integrating Everything   –  November 20, 2014


About Pastlifes  –  November 20, 2014


Transforming all Polarities –  November 20, 2014


How to stay in the NOW –  November 20, 2014


Entering the Present  – November 20, 2014


Interview with Damien Wynne  – March 3, 2014


Damien Wynne über die Verbindung zum Herzen und seine „Lichtgitter-Technik, aus dem Englischen ins Spanische übersetzt von Jordi Estrada.


Interview with Jesse Ann Nichols George  –  January 18, 2014

Jesse interviews Damien Wynne — a teacher of how to work with Light Grids. From a young age, he found a desire and excitement to help people and to learn all about life and to understand things on a spiritual level. His experiences to explore and learn went everywhere from being out of body and astral traveling to cooking in the kitchen and connecting with plant energies. His experiences led him to understand the value and purpose of grounding in the body and being aware of his Earth energy connection. We look at Damien’s work with Light Grids and grounding.


Damien Wynne   –   October 18, 2012


New Realities, TV interview by Alan Steinfeld


Damien Wynne demonstrates a Light-Grids Activation

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Part one
Part two




Blogtalkradio with Jennifer O’Neill – SoulDNA

blogtalkradioInterview With Irish Spirit Healer Damien Wynne






TALKING ALTERNATIVE – Radio Interview by Sam Liebowitz

talking_alternativefrom 22 April 2011
Guest Damien Wynne-The Light Grid Activation of the World