Damien offers individual sessions via Skype *


  • Single Sessions with Damien Wynnefor personal development
  • as support in crisis situations
  • as well as business coaching and
  • consulting for entrepreneurs


The first session with Damien is always 333,- €,
each additional session 290, - €.

If you book 4 sessions at the same time,
they cost only 1080,- €
(instead of 1160,- € or 1203,-€ /
each session of a 4-package is 270,- €)

Installment payments are possible and can be arranged individually.


Individual sessions as business coaching and consulting for entrepreneurs always cost 333 €.

* Single sessions with Damien are ONLY possible via Skype.
When Damien gives seminars in different places, his schedule is full and he is concentrating on working with the seminar participants, which means that unfortunately no personal meetings are possible on the spot.
Sessions via Skype take place at certain times between his travels. In very rare cases it is possible to get a personal session on the spot. These sessions are always 333,- €.

For bookings please contact: esther@damien-wynne.de