About Damien

damien_cvDamien Wynne is a teacher and pioneer, supporting people to stay in line so they can achieve their full potential in their business and personal lives. Also he helps people to transform and clarify emotional injuries and mental blockages.
The basis of Damien's work is the respect for the self-empowerment and self-responsibility of each individual.

Damien's perception, which can analyze individual energy fields and recognize the root of physical and mental blockages, also includes the collective energy field of entire groups, so that common core issues can be addressed and solution processes can be set in motion for all group-members.

In addition, Damien has the extraordinary ability to connect to the highest possible frequencies in each given moment and make them available to participants as an offer. The decision on the yes to the initiated processes and the responsibility for their own development and healing always remain with the individual.

Damien's groups are always highly topical and at the same time individual and connected to the heart.