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Are you really satisfied?

WORLDWIDE WEBINARS, December 14, 2018

Are you feeling satisfaction in your life and career?

In his seminars and sessions Damien has worked with thousands of people. Over the years he has discovered that many of us are not getting real satisfaction from our life, our relationships, our career due to a simple subconscious programming from our childhood.

In this webinar Damien will give you some powerful words which can change your subconscious field completely, so that you are really satisfied and can feel success in your career, your finances, your relationships again.

He will share with you a technique with some very potent words, which you can use to continue to work with yourself and you can it share with your friends and clients to support you all to change your way of living.


Damien has put together a very special Christmas package for you, with four very powerful webinars. Each of these online seminars is something special in itself, as a four-power package, it will be a life-changing Christmas gift to yourself!
The four webinars are:
1.) Wednesday December 12th: The power of your eyes
2.) Friday, December 14th: Are you really satisfied?
3.) Sunday, December 16th: Transform family wounds into Christmas presents
4.) Saturday, December 22nd:Full Moon Transformation

Booked individually the total cost will be 154 €, in the package only 114.40 €, so you save 40 €. If you like to take this offer, please book the webinars 2, 3 and 4 and let Esther know as soon as you have done that(esther@damien-wynne.de). We will then send you a 90% coupon for the 1st webinar, so you only need to pay 4,40 € (instead of 44 €).
This offer is also valid retrospectively (i.e. if all or some live webinars are already over and you want to buy all 4 recordings).
If you can not attend one of these 4 dates live, you can watch the recordings of the webinars at any time and as often as you like.

Each webinar from 7pm – 9pm German time!