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Athens - Metamorphosis cycle workshop

Athens, June 07 - 09, 2019


We very exited to share with all of you the new weekend seminars in Athens. The four seminars: Nike - The Victory; Hygieia - The Health; Eros - Love and Sexuality; Tyche - The Fortune and Positivity, are based on facing the common European cultural roots grounded on the Greek historical heritage.

The intent of the project is to walk together through the knowledge of the past to build and actualise a deep transformation (metamorphosis) in our personal life and environment.

The cycle Metamorphosis seminars is studied as an educational program for teachers giving them the opportunity to get new tools and inspirations for their therapeutical business and at the same time it is highly recommended to people who never had experience of Damien work to open channels to reach a deep personal jump in the daily life.

To create a personal touch and a protected environment we are opening our space in Athens for the seminar counting on the fact that the special location facing directly the Acropolis rock can support energetically the results of the workshop itself.

Hygieia - Wellness and Health
Consciousness of your body potentials

For further information please click here.

location seminar:

Misaraliotou 1, 4th floor
11742 Athens

The location is very close to the Acropolis


Friday 7th

4pm- 6pm Introduction to the concept of Hygieia in the greek ancient culture. Physical and spiritual approach to Health, Illness and the Treatment in the antiquity (by Sergio Giannobile) - Damien session
6.30pm-9pm Akropolis museum

Saturday 8th

9am-12pm Akropolis and the nearby sanctuary of Asklepios.
2pm-6pm Damien session

Sunday 9th

9am-1pm Damien sessions
8pm-10pm participation to the Webinar: building the right balance between emotional and physical channels for your personal health.

(the participation of the webinar is optional in case you need to fly back on Sunday evening you can get the recording paying just the fee to the platform of the webinar.)

prize: 380 euros. Tickets for museums and archaeological sites are not included. Self gathering (food in Athens is quite cheap).

This workshop will be held in English language (no German translation).

For accommodation you can look at Akropolis - Koukaki area
or contact Rizari Inn they have nice renovated apartment close to the evangelismos metro station prizes around 50 euros for one person; each person more 5 euros more.

How to get form Rizari accommodatios to the workshop location
walking: 20 minutes
by metro: blue line from Evangelismos metro station till Syntagma metro station (one stop) change at Syntagma to the red line title Akropolis metro station (one stop) - 8 minutes trip
by taxi: taxi in Athens are quite cheap; the cost of the trip is around 4 euros we suggest to download the app BEAT and use that to book a taxi.

mobile:0030 6958565119 - 0030 6907042570
tel.: 0030 210 7251772

The connection from the airport to the city centre is very easy or by metro blu line (10 euros) or by bus X95 (6 euros).

For booking the workshop please contact: esther@damien-wynne.de