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Cologne - an evening with Damien Wynne

Cologne, March 18, 2019

33,00 €

Contains 19% VAT

Tor 28
Machabäerstraße 28
50668 Cologne

German Time: Monday, 18 March 2019 from 7.30 to 9.30 pm*


For those who are interested, the evening starts at no extra cost 1 hour earlier.

The doctor Matthias Kampschulte lectures at 18.30 pm
about the possibilities of using cell regenerative therapies with awareness in close cooperation with Naturopath Tatjana Rainalter and Damien Wynne.

Damien Wynne starts the energetic part of the work at 19.30 pm

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This evening (starting at 19.30 pm) it will be mainly "Activating your own stem-cells", also called pluripotent cell, as they basically have the potential to transform into any cell needed in the body.
For about two years, Damien has worked intensively on the energetic level with the stem cells that each of us carries. Meanwhile, he has developed several methods to stimulate this through his energy and consciousness work in the body. This can help us to better process traumas and to embody ourselves with all our aspects. In this way, we can become more successful and satisfied in all areas of our lives.


Seminar language:

The seminar will be held in English and consecutively translated into German.

* Closing times of the sessions can vary due to the processes of the energywork, sessions can end earlier or a bit later, too.

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