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Korfu - Light Grids Training

Corfu, September 23 - 30, 2017

590,00 €


The next opportunity to combine Damien Wynne's Light Grids work with holidays is again in spring 2018: Italy - Light Grids Training 2018


Venue: Ouranos-Club, Agios Stefanos, 49081 Korfu, Greece

Arrival-day: September 23, 2017

Departureday: September 30, 2017


Light Grids Training


No special preparation or previous knowledge is needed. The training is open for those who feel the call – this is the only requirement. Being familiar with the work of Damien Wynne and the inner processes is helpful but not necessary.

The participants learn to give light grids sessions in order to spread the light into the world and to bring the knowledge of the higher levels down to earth. They learn to use this light channel and to work with it in single-sessions and groups.

The participants experience the role of the practitioner as well as the role of the client and the observer – they learn different Light Grid techniques as well as how to give a Light Grid session and how to actively create a session with a client in a professional setting.

The seminar also is very helpful and appropriate for those who want to use it for their personal development as issues of the participants are always worked on an actual basis. The Light Grids Education can support an intense opening of the personal light channel and intuitive access to universal knowledge.


For information about the Light Grids Education please click here:



The seminar takes place on the wonderful island Korfu:

Ouranos-Club - Meditations- & Seminarzentrum



Copyright: Ouranos-Club


The Ouranus-Club was founded in 1985 and offers a wonderful view on the bay and the islands off the coast. The atmosphere full of energy of the northwestern part of Korfu and the engagement of the crew build a wonderful setting for you and a very special experience.

We will be the only group in this week at the Ouranos-Club and so we can enjoy the group processes of the Education as well as the undivided attention of the crew. We will also have enough space for everybody individually to relax, take a bath in sun and water and to integrate the Light Grids Work.


Korfu Meditationsraum

Copyright: Ouranos-Club Meditationroom


● The Ouranos-Club offers a restaurant, a seminar hall (100 sqm) with a wooden floor and blankets, yoga mats and cushions and a big terrace with view over the sea


Korfu Boot

Copyright: Ouranos-Club Beach


● There are two big sandy beaches in a 5-10 min walking distance and some more bays near the club. You will find crystalclear water and also typically greek taverns and cafes.




The Ouranos Club is not a closed resort. We have our rooms in different appartements and houses, most of them are situated directly beside the restaurant and the seminar room. The furnishing is simple and functional with shower, WC, balcony or terrace and fridge. Some appartments have a little kitchen. In general you can see the sea from all rooms.

Korfu Buffett

Copyright: Ouranos-Club Enjoy your meal!


Prices for accomodation  start at 470 € depending on the category of the rooms.

The prices comprise accomodation, varied breakfast buffet and a 3 course dinner which we will take together in the restaurant of the Ouranos Club. The airport shuttle is also included.

Arrival and departure is on Saturdays, please book your flights in time by yourself.


Booking of accomodation directly with Inside-Travel, Peter and Max Stolz:
info@inside-travel.com, 0049(0)8071-2781
Inside-travel will also help you with your flight-booking.