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Mykonos - Special Seminar on the Island of Light

Mykonos, October 08 - 15, 2018

Get ready for the next appointment with your holiday-workshop.


Workshop: 800 €


We will book the accommodation for you:

  65 Euro for sharing room

125 Euro for single room


8. and 15. October are arrival and departure days.



This workshop is about connection to pure presence, inside and outside, which will open the greater version of you in your present life. Damien will be supporting you each day and the island and the living family conditions will open up systems connecting to your childhood, which Damien will be supporting you to transform. He will be guiding you on how do to this when you are home in your daily life. He also will be supporting to release the control which keeps you out of pure presence and connection in intimacy. The island is extremely strong for opening systems and transforming systems. He will be working with the ancient keys for transformation which are on the island. He will be working with the elements which are extremely strong on Mykonos.




If you are interested, please contact Esther Norman: esther@damien-wynne.de