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Mykonos - Special Seminar on the Island of Light

Mykonos, October 13 - 20, 2019

This seminar will be held in English (without German translation). That's why these information are also only in English.

Get ready for the next appointment with your holiday-workshop.

Workshop: 800,00 Euro
The amount is exempt from turnover tax according to article 132 (1, i, j) MwStSystRL.

We will book the accommodation for you:

65,00 Euro for sharing room

125,00 Euro for single room.

13. and 20. October 2019 are arrival and departure days

More information will follow.

If you are interested, please contact Esther Norman: esther@damien-wynne.de

Damien will be sharing with you many tools which will support you during the seminar to transform subconscious believe-systems psychosomatic traumas which are in the body. Damien has an ability to see your fullest potential and to see why you are not living your fullest potential. He will be working his many techniques to support you to come into the body, the imbodiment of your spirit, so you have grounded results in your daily life. The gifts and results you can share then with others you are working with or are in contact with. You will have a deeper sense of your truth,stillness and pure presence with life. He also will be working a lot with intimacy to deepen your connection with yourself and your partner.