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WORLDWIDE WEBINARS, March 06 - 08, 2018

This is the 6. of 7 lessons

No system is static, all systems flow and are connected to the overall flow of the universes. Damien shows us in this webinar how we can align our DNA into this devine flow and how we can stay in this dynamic, living, vibrating and creating energy.

This webinar series is intended for advanced training, especially for already trained Light Grids-practitioners. We do not exclude anyone, but a LightGrids basic education is helpful to understanding.

A teaching unit encompasses 2 evenings in a week, which can only be booked together. One evening costs 44 € x 2 = 88 € per unit.

Who booked the first 6 units (which means 12 evenings), gets the 7th unit for free.

The teaching modules build on each other, but can still be booked individually. Missed modules can also be bought later as a video recording. Videos that are purchased later are also valid for the package discount.

Apart from the 1st unit (Mon. 9. and Wed. 11. October 2017), all units are held on the 1st Tuesday and the 1st Thursday of the month. 7. Module therefore on Tue, 3rd and Thu. 5 April 2018.

All seminars from 7 - 9 pm German time