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P8_Body & Stem-Cells: Genitals: Vagina & Ovaries, Penis & Testicals


Damien has recently become more involved in the mental activation of our stem cells. One can understand the stem cells as the physical equivalent of our divine blueprint because they contain our original, unconditioned DNA. They work independently and intelligently and in their own way to repair the body and, of course, also to clarify the subtle levels. In this webinar series with Damien, we will go through each of the body systems and activate the stem cells so that they can emanate like a flock to do what they are created for. We do it with dedication and trust.

Creation has created us as creators who carry the power of creativity in all levels. Creation involves not only inspiration, which means the idea itself, but also the power to bring creation to earth, to conception and giving birth. Our genitals stand for much more than the pure preservation of the human race: they are an expression of creativity and materialization. In our history and in the history of our ancestors, there has been a great deal of misunderstanding, oppression and distortion around the power of creation, procreation and giving birth. In this webinar, Damien wants to redefine, honor and integrate these organs so that they can become what they really are: the joyful creation in All That Is.

P8_Body + Stem-Cells: Genitals: Vagina & Ovaries, Penis & Testicals is the 8. of 9 lessons.

This webinar series is intended as a training course especially for already trained Light Grids-Practitioners. We do not exclude anyone, but basic LightGrids training is helpful in understanding.

One Practitioner Webinar costs 44 €. If you have booked the first 8 dates, you will receive the 9th webinar free of charge. The teaching modules build on each other, but can still be booked individually. Missed modules can also be bought later as a video recording. Videos that are purchased later are also valid for the package discount.

All seminars from 7 - 9 pm German time