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Reactivating and Integrating of Stem-Cell-Work


In our previous work with stem cells, we have come to the conclusion that stem cells are in a sense the physical equivalent of our divine blueprint. In fact, they are the carriers of our original, unprogrammed DNA, and they act in a fascicating way on the physical and subtle levels. The hermetic principle fully applies to them: "As above - so below, as inside - so outside, as in the large - so in the small."
We can mentally activate our stem cells, we can communicate with them and indulge in their work. At all levels, this is an active process that seeks to be consciously initiated by us time and again. The effects in and around us are manifold, sometimes elusive and often called "phenomenal".

In this webinar, Damien will introduce us to and deepen the work with stem cells and show us how we can support the work of stem cells with regular dedication and surrender.

7-9 pm German time