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SU5_Success at All Levels


Damien offers a seven-module webinar series on Success at All Levels. Together we will go through different stages in each webinar, building your self-confidence on a solid foundation. We will do this step-by-step with various topics, such as: how to increase your creativity, how to build your self-responsibility, how to open your gifts and talents to success, and so on ... In this series we work on all aspects of your life to help you achieve success in your daily life – at all levels.

These 7 modules build on each other, but can also be booked individually. Missed modules can also be purchased later as a video recording. If you have booked 6 of the webinars, you will receive the 7th from us for the special price of 4.90 €, which means, you only need to pay 10%. Videos that are purchased later (meaning after the live broadcast), can also be counted towards the package discount. Just contact us by e-mail (esther@damien-wynne.de) as soon as you have purchased 6 webinars so we can send you a 90% voucher for the 7th webinar.

Each webinar from 7pm to 9pm German time, 49 € each

The seven dates are:
1) Thursday, May 23rd: Overgrowing your believe-systems, clearing any blockages which are in the way of your success
2) Thursday, May 30th: Self-analysis of your limits and your potentials
3) Wednesday, June 5th: Getting in contact with your inspiration and enhancing your creativity
4) Wednesday, June 12th: Concrete structure and helpful tools
5) Thursday, June 20th: Finances, wealth and consciousness of abundance
6) Thursday, June 27th: Visualizing your projects and naming your goals
7) Thursday, July 4th: Materializing success in your daily life, harvesting the fruits