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Schwyz - Medical Essential Trauma Work

Switzerland, July 11 - 14, 2019

633,00 €

Mehrwertsteuerfrei gem. Artikel 21 Abs 2 Ziffer 11 b MwSTG.

The information field of the blood meets the trauma work of Damien Wynne
. Pluripotent cell renewal in combination with energy and consciousness work.


Thu, July 11, 7pm - 10pm

Fri, 12th July 1 - 7 pm

Sat, July 13, 11am - 6pm

Sun, 14th July 10am - 5pm

Laubstr. 4
6430 Schwyz (approx. 60 km / 1 hour south of Zurich

Bus schedule:www.aags.ch

Resort map: Map Schwyz


Seminar language:

The seminar will be held in English and consecutively translated into German.


This will be four days of intensive work on the topic of "activation of your own stem cells", 
also called pluripotent cells, because they basically have the potential to transform into any cell that is needed in the body.

The special feature of this workshop is the combination of energetic and medical work.
For about two years, Damien has worked intensively on the energetic level with the stem cells that each of us carries.

In the meantime, he has developed several methods to stimulate  them in our body through his trauma-, energy- and consciousness-work, 
which can help us better process traumas and embody ourselves with all our aspects 
so that we can become more successful and content in all our areas of life.



his aspect of this four-day seminar can be booked separately and exclusively:

633 Euro / 717 CHF, early bird discount: 533 € / 600 CHF

*Vat-free according to article 21 para. 2, no. 11 b MwSTG

In addition, it is also possible to include the medical aspect by booking the “pluripotent cell renewal” 
offered by Medical Doctor Matthias Kampschulte and alternative practitioner Tatjana Reinalter in parallel to the seminar. 
More information here: www.essential-medicine.com