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Separation and Divorce


We all know this: a relationship is such that we no longer feel comfortable in it, and after a certain period of suffering and friction, we initiate the separation. The question then is always: how could this happen, who pressed which buttons to whom and who bears the responsibility for what. Following Solomon one could say here: Of course both! Nevertheless, the task in these situations is to be fair, clear and upright, as transparent as possible in communication and action. And of course not to take the patterns of the ex-relationship into the new relationship.

In this webinar, Damien will look at the ex-relationship patterns left in us and give us tools, in his very special way, to clarify our field so that separation and divorce and everything related to it can be seen in a larger frame and can be processed with insights and awareness. This has an impact on ourselves, the ex-partner, the new partner, the new relationship and also on our children.

7-9 pm, German time