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Webinar - Deep Clearing of Genetic Memories of War


Webinar with Damien Wynne – Part 2 to Stepping out of the wounds of war


7-9 pm german time



We all have wounds of war, no matter if we experienced war or not, because we stepped into the wounds of our family. And there are wounds not only in the families of all the jewish people which I deeply regret with most compassion but also in every family of everyone involved in war. 

Our grandparents and parents lived with bombing, starving and loss, hunger and rape.

Husbands, fathers and grandfathers died in war or came back injured after captivity. 

We stepped into the mechanisms of survival mode and psychoemotional wounds and try to balance them often not knowing where they are coming from. In the generations of our parents and grandparents it was not normal to make therapy or care for post traumatic disorders. After the war in the 50s and 60s our ancestors tried to rebuild an idyllic world often without clearing their own trauma. With our birth into our family system we stepped into this system and carry all these frequencies in us. Some of them rule our lifes and we do not even know it. 



To make it concrete here are some examples from our assistant Angelika: 


"My Grandmother on the mothers side lost her husband in Russia when my mother was 9 months old. To keep the family together she became an extreme matriarch. Her father became alcoholic due to his experiences in World War I, unfortunately playing the Tuba in the middle of the night in the streets of the village everytime he was drunk. His alcoholism made the life for his wife and his 6 children extremely difficult, and then his 4 sons where called to war in World War II. One of his sons, Joseph, fell in the first 3 months. Another one, Willi, sank twice with a submarine. Willi later lost his driving licence due to alcoholism after the war. Then he bought a tractor and a caravan and lived in the nature of Bavaria for years because he couldn’t bear closed rooms. In a time long before mobile phones his wife and his family often did not even know where he was. The third one, Georg, came back in the late 1950s after captivity as a prisoner of war in Siberia. When Georg got a stroke at the end of his life he was brought into hospital where there were grids at the windows. Hemiplegic as he was he destroyed the furniture of the entire room believing to be back in Siberia. 


My Grandmother on the fathers side lost her first child because of hunger, after the birth of my father and his brother he lost her husband, her brother and her uncle within one year in war. She fled by foot with the boys at the age of 6 and 4 and her mother from near the polish frontier to Berlin before the Russians came. Her entire life until the end she cared for earning low money in order to receive war widow pension because she said: The state took away my husband, the state must pay for it.


Neither my mother nor my father know positive father-role models in their lifes, they were simply not there. 


My grand-aunt, a german-descent refugee-child from Tschechia, still has, now in her late 80s, a cellar full of food, so much nobody can ever eat."


Can you imagine, how many patterns of survival, hunger, bitternis, fear, suffering and loss are alive only in this family system? 


It is time for all of us, to step out of this, consciously to not pass it on do our descendants and to not let these frequencies rule our own lifes.