Light Grids

What is Light Grids about?

Damien Wynne is a teacher and pioneer, helping people around the world clarify emotional injuries and mental blockages.
The basis of Damien's work is the respect for the spiritual power and self-responsibility of each individual.

Damien's clairvoyant perception, which can analyze individual energy fields and recognize the root of physical and mental blockages, also includes the collective energy field of entire groups, so that common core issues can be addressed and solution processes can be set in motion for all group-members.

In addition, Damien has the extraordinary ability to connect to the highest possible frequencies in each given moment and make them available to participants as an offer. The decision on the yes to the initiated processes and the responsibility for their own development and healing always remain with the individual.

Damien's groups are always highly topical and at the same time individual and connected to the heart.


damien_wynne_portrait_2014_studioDamien Wynne developed  his powerful  healing- and channeling-abilities in close collaboration with high spiritual beings. They taught him to help people in a most effective and respectful way to clear spiritual and emotional blocks. It’s about coming home and feeling home in your body and fully taking back your power and responsibility, leaving you free of programs and fears, which were blocking you from your fullest potential. We are living our lives and making decisions related to our past experiences and programs. Light Grids is about clearing these programs and fears, so we can fully live and enjoy our gifts and talents, facing life in a richer, more balanced way, free of fears and manipulation. Damiens work helps us to connect directly to the heart of Mother Earth and God. It gets easier to live in the now because heavy energies and fears as well as manipulative programs and old traumas are cleared off the field. This work never is invasive and emphasizes the self responsability for the own healing.
Light Grids works with frequencies. In these frequencies on every chakra through our whole field, including the aura and our energetic field is a blueprint of our history from every experience from our star-lives through every life on this earth up to now. Each of these stories are only in our field, because we didn’t face them and so we didn’t learn from them. We are opening up these stories and facing them now. This way we can clean them from our cellular history, so that we don’t have to carry them in our cells any more. But we can bring the teachings of them into our souls and our lives.

How has spiritual work changed over the last time?

Instead of peeling off the layers like an onion, which was related to one issue in each layer, we are now going directly into our core. Our outside life is a reflection of our core and vice versa. Light Grids brings you into the core issues, the seed of all issues and makes you face and deal with those issues in a clearer way, giving you back your responsibility and power.

How does it work in the clearing groups?

In the group-work we are working together as a collective and it is a collective of programs and fears. The larger the groups the more we can work on clearing. Each person will bring a list of their priorities to the table, which they would like to work on. Because we all have similar issues, we can help and support each other. The group work is like opening doors and behind these doors are your fears and programs. And it’s your free will and responsibility – do you want to go into these rooms and start cleaning these programs. Some of these programs are so strong that they almost feel like an old friend (example: illness) or it’s not the time to let them go. They feel like they are so much part of us and our lives, that there is a huge fear of letting them go. Or, if you let them go, there maybe a feeling of loosing part of you.

What can I expect after a group?

Many of us have hooks from other people or have put hooks into other people in this life or in past lives. This work is about giving you back your power and confidence to start letting go and releasing these hooks. The usual feeling after this is a feeling of being alone, but feeling good about being alone. It’s then you are ready to be in a relationship, because you want to be in a relationship, not you need to be – and it’s good for you. It also helps you lose your expectations of being in a relationship. You let it flow and you both grow together naturally not putting structures or expectations on top of each other. Light Grids is not about a “Hollywood Happiness “or life style. It’s about real living. It’s about facing your issues on a daily bases and taking responsibility of your actions in a grounded clear way. You will still feel the pain and different emotions. But this time you have the free will, not to suppress them in your cells, which before was creating illness. Now you are strong enough to face them, to feel them and to grow from the experience and to live the full power of all your emotions.

Group Clearings

These evenings are for those who wish support in their lifes: the energie field gets cleared – the group energy and high spiritual beings help us to clear our path. In addition Damien helps with the Light Grid Technique to provide for a deep physical and emotional clearing. This support on highest level helps our spirit and our soul to expand to their fullest potential. Damien’s work connects us to the perfect blueprint of our cells and organs so that we can clear fully in joy and ease. This energy work does not only raise the frequency of our physical body but also our light body and our energy fields are lifted to the highest and purest.  This helps us to live a life free of fears and programs and to fully enjoy it. Damien’s work also supports us to flow with the constant changes. What happens to us on the inside will show on the outside, too.


The intensives are offered for people who are ready to do a big step in their lives. The group sessions help us to speak and work out of the truth of our heart. They empower our connection to nature and awaken the intuitive clairvoyant abilities. The point is to clear heavy thoughts and family patters and fears for the future which helps us to be a clear channel of light. The sessions change the frequencies of our bodies in a way that we are more directly and consciously connected to the universe to ease the changes. This lightwork is for those who are ready for a major life change.

Light Grids Education

No special preparation is needed, everybody can participate even if „only“ for personal development. The education is open for those who feel the call  – this is the only requirement. The participants learn to give light grids sessions in order to spread the light into the world and to bring the knowledge of the higher levels down to earth. They learn to use this light channel and to work with it in groups. The education days cause an enormous activation of pure light. This helps us to clear old blocks and traumas. The spine is cleared, the entire body is activated and the brain is opened for universal knowledge. We are made ready to be a beacon for the people around us and can help to guide them on their path.

Annual Education for Light-Grids-Practitioners

Requirement for the participation is a passed Light-Grids-Edication. This annual Advanced Education comprises the proceeding further techniques of the energywork and special approaches in the concrete practice and for individual cases. It will be a deep and progressing education, one weekend based on the previous, therefore a clear committment to take part in all 4 weekends and in training meetings with other participants is assumed. Damien expressed explicitely to continously develop the skills of the practitioners into a deeper practice and insight first and foremost in daily life and in the work with the Light-Grids-Technique.

Light Grids Ethic

The base of the energywork by Damien Wynne is a universal network of all being in One Giant System which we are a part of. Damien calls this system Light Grids. It consists of frequencies of different density and type which all together form the material and non-material creation.


In this interconnectedness everything and everybody is linked and nothing happens by chance. Our energetic field is permanently creating and brings experiences, circumstances, materializations, ideas, convictions and belief systems into being, no matter whether conscious or unconscious. This happens in our incarnation and beyond. The conclusion is: everything an individual does or thinks has an impact on the entire field.


On this basis Light Grids follows inalienable fundamentals which build the ethic, the clarity and signpost for the energywork of Damien Wynne. He himself is following them and is imparting them to the participants of his trainings and clearing events:

1) The principle of self-responsibility 

Damien and all his participants take full responsibility for all that they create, no matter if conscious or unconscious. Every belief pattern, belief system, body structure or family constellation originates in the individual who internalizes and lives them. The decisions for these circumstances can be made in other timelines, lifes and in correlation to karmic connections or family systems.

The roots of these matrixes (frequency based forms) can be understood and transformed one after the other.

Damien never does any transformation for his participants, they all do this on their own. He is guiding and offering tools. All participants walk their path in full self-responsibility and in accordance with their Higher Selves.

2) The principle of respect, esteem and appreciation

Damien and his participants respect every form of life and belief system. Light Grids understands itself as nonpolar connecting element of all systems. Every participant is welcome and entirely respected and appreciated no matter how he is creating his life in the given moment.

3) The principle of learning and permanent development

Due to our continuous clearing work the energetic network of our entire field is constantly changing. We ourselves learn with the changes in the field and the Light Grids Energywork also develops permanently. This way of learning happens through the heart at eye level in a mutual doing and independent from knowing each other. Every clearing has an impact for the entire field. We are totally aware of these facts and therefore we esteem, respect and appreciate every individual in his personal process and accept gratefully his doing for the bigger picture

4) The principles of authenticity and sovereignty 

The Light Grids Energywork affirms full authenticity and sovereignty of each individual and his importance for the whole field. Dedicating to Light Grids Energywork means clearing and transforming oneself from the frequencies covering the own authenticity and sovereignty so that the full potential and creativity can become evident in the Divine Order.

5) The principle of perfection of light AND shadow

The energy of the universe is ONE. We only can perceive the world of appearances because light has an apparent opposite: the shadow. Between light and shadow we find judgments, concepts and convictions, conditioning, belief systems and much more. The more we clear the more we feel the silent neutrality behind these appearances in a merging of light and shadow.

We do not misunderstand or abuse „lightwork“ to avoid our shadows but we welcome both, light and shadow and realize step by step the universal and all-comprising perfection behind.