Possible Benefits of energy work and consciousness work that you might feel or experience in or after a Session

The possible benefits of Energy Work & Consciousness Work

  • Allows us to reclaim our inner power, and live our lives reflecting joy, peace and love to all of life
  • You could feel differently concerning your fears and heavy energies of depression and anxiety, seeing and accepting the lessons inherent within them
  • You might speak your truth and connect through the heart more frankly and clearly
  • You might see clearly and have greater awareness of what is true for you –  in alignment with soul purpose
  • You could feel a deeper trust of inner voice and being able to act on that guidance with greater confidence and knowingness
  • Ideas and Enhanced awareness might come to you of how to be of service to humanity
  • You might get more sensible for programs of social conditioning; religion, sexuality, schooling, family influences that no longer serve your journey through life
  • You might feel a heightened awareness and ability to make clear decisions in life
  • You might feel more at home in your body here on Earth and strengthen your ability to surrender control and accept one’s self unconditionally
  • You might feel and experience a deeper connection with family and friends, seeing them more clearly for who they truly are, and the roles they play in your life
  • with the genetic work you might experience a feeling of letting go the exhaustion and overwhelming feelings and a lighter feeling with your biological family members
  • you might have a more honourable trusting relationship with your partner 
  • you might be able to reconnect your sexuality with your heart again
  • you might reconnect with your playfulness and creativity in your life
  • You might experience your inner beauty and rejuvenation and replenishing of one’s vitality and vigour
  • You might feel a softening of ego, as you begin to live a more heart-centred life


The participation in the groups with Damien Wynne happens on your own responsibility and does not substitute for medical or psychotherapeutic treatment.