Frequently Asked Questions

Meditation, Energy Work & Consciousness Work

What is Light Grids about?

Light Grids is for clearing your blocks that prevent you from living your full potential. The result is, you live free and don’t make decisions any more based on old programs, patterns and blockages.
Light Grids is about you, your life and how you live your life. Every aspect of your life will change with this work, you will be more open and clear. 

How does a group clearing looks like?

Damien’s work is hard to describe, because it takes place simultaneously on many levels. The evening consists of several mediations channelled by Damien, sometimes interrupted by sharing rounds. In addition, Damien is working with light grids, a healing technique developed by him. During  the meditations you can sit or lie, depending on how it is most convenient for you.  

What is the difference between a group clearing evening and a Two-day-Intense-group?

The two groups differ primarily by the duration and the intensity, like the difference between a short refreshing shower (evening group) or a detailed cleaning bath (2-day group). 

I’m interested in the Light Grids education.However, I am neither a healer, nor deal I professionally with it. Will the education still be of benefit for me?

Absolutely, because the 4 days of the education are a very intensive time, while is worked on your blockades, the past lives and on many issues more. You can use the time for your personal development. During the days rises an enormously powerful field in which a lot becomes possible. These days will be an enormous boost for your personal development. 

Do I need special requirements for the Light Grids education?

No, there are no prerequisites or special preparations necessary. The education is open for everyone who feels called to transmit this light work on other people; or who want it „only“ for their own personal development. Everybody can take part who feels attracted to, that’s the only requirement.
The participants learn to give the light-grid-session to other people. Everyone gets a script of the Light Grids Technique. 

Can I come with my little child to the group clearings?

However, in principle, yes, you must be able to estimate whether your child can be quiet for 4 hours, because Damien’s work exists of guided meditations. A proposal is that you come with your partner, so that one of you can leave the room if your child becomes noisy. 

I am pregnant. Can I still come to the events or does something speak against it?

You’re very welcome to come to group clearing evenings. The work is very beneficial for you and your child. Damien likes to work with pregnant women. The babies always tell him exactly what they need.
His work comes DIRECTLY from divine source, is never invasive and babies who have experienced the Light Grids Work come usually very clear and pure in the world.
Regardless of the pregnancy the light-grids-work will be done on each participant individually and only with the agreement of each Higher Self.