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"Working with Damien makes me realise that I have the tools I need"

Feedback from Gabriela Hearst



The single session, the weekend in cologne, the webinars…all is exactly in right time and place, all is so full of gifts. I am so thankful for this abundance. I am so thankful for my life. So much wealth of support.
New feeling, new seeing, new thinking, new ideas, new creation.
My whole family system changed. To some old patterns or relations my frequency just doesn´t connect anymore. Only going for the higher.
The connection to my body is also new. My spine is straightened up; I am much more connected to my pelvis.So beautiful! A new grand step of self-knowing, self-acceptance and self-love.
Thank you for all your support!
Andrea R.



That workshop was absolutely and extremely powerful. My whole System is adjusting to the new conditions, keys, gifts and reality. Truly powerful and transforming indeed. My whole body is just shifting to the next level. That Seminar was just a firework for all my inner Systems.

Olga K.


I feel utterly blessed to have taken this training. It continues to grow in value every day. The results are profound. Lots of love to all of you.

Tessa M.



Damien, you seem to easily differentiate between the different energies. My guess is that you can do that, because you are more and more embodied. I feel grateful, blessed and privileged that finally I was ready to be here and receive your life's work, Damien, in person. I know my steps now and I am curious to see how this will continue to evolve. Thank you again.

Aimée R.



I would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the great gift of recording the education and making it possible to sit at home and go through it all again. Watching the video again is like the keys now open the doors, while they were only placed in the keyholes before. With each time I watch some of the meditations, the doors open wider. Great feeling of space and time. And thank you for yesterday’s Webinar on the Father topic. So healing. Looking forward to the Mother-Webinar on Sunday. Can't wait to get those topics clear as well.

Monika H.



The seminar was wonderful and showed me many new aspects. Through the support in the workshop, I was able to go one step further in the healing of my being. This profound energetic work beyond levels, dimensions and timelines reaches frequencies that I could not touch with any other supportive method until now. The connection to the origin, the coming home and words like "timeless space", "home", ... have had a profound effect on me in my work.



I got to know Damien a while ago and feel infinitely gifted. What he so generously provides, fits like the last missing puzzle in my work and has also brought me into a new reality.



You do more than a good job! The organization around Damien is really fantastic.

Always correct, always in shape and with a lot of heart for the mission and the people. I always wanted to tell you that.

THANK YOU for mastering all these challenges.



At night I dreamed the same dream again and again: I ran without shoes with arms outstretched over a lush green meadow, very happy and full of joy, enjoying my new inner and outer freedom. After consciously dreaming this dream for the third time, it became clear to me that it had to do with my inner liberation through stem cell work. Now I also felt the new huge spaces in me and great relief, because many old burdens had fallen away from me. I feel deeply gifted, happy and grateful. Thank you, Damien, for choosing this miraculous work and sharing it with us all!

Karin L.




Damien works on the ground of given facts, at the same time very systematically and with the involvement of the client's deepest resources, the qualities of which are thereby highlighted. Both in seminars and in personal meetings I experience miracles with Damien. Through the work from the inner source, decades-long-held themes are loosened, my perceptive capacity is expanding. I am in this world as a "new man".

Hendrik B.



The training was really great and I think that I will probably still need many days to process everything. Since yesterday, I have noticed that my channel has become much, much clearer and I can get to know myself once again, because so much has changed in me. It is amazing, how easily I now can connect with the future, because it no longer appears to me in the distance, but directly in the Here and Now. What Damien is doing is really an indescribable gift and it is impossible to put this work into words. I am so grateful for this and know (because I have seen it) that through this created light field we will all be able to change the world completely by experiencing who we really are.

Nicolle G.


The first time I saw your "integrating everything"-video-clip I was hooked. I felt a bit intimidated because of the clarity/transparency you can see, feel, know, receive, give, etc. Though I also felt the longing.
You spoke Truth and each time I listened to it the words: " I have everything inside of me. I don't need anything else. If the field is showing it up I can be supported with that. I allow it into my life because I feel grateful and I feel good enough to accept, to receive, to give" – each time it sunk in deeper and deeper. I feel honored to have had the opportunity to have a session with you. May you continue to share your gifts and alter the lives of many more individuals for the greater good of all.

Aimée R.



Also I want to say many thanks to you and also to Damien. You are making it possible that people can get familiar with this great method so easily.  I work every day sometimes for several hours at myself and it is a very great gift to see how much is changing  and what is possible! The more I work with it the easier it seems to me. So simple that I was scared at first. Once again it shows, that what is effective is simple. Thanks a lot for everything!!!

Brigitte T.



1000 times thank you for this splendid seminar! The workshops were really very inspiring, I am still experimenting with the infinity symbol, I am transforming in the Now, I am appreciating to the max and I dare to show myself more than ever ! The organisation really was excellent and also the translation was so smooth that I would like to highlight it here.

Claudia H.



Thank you again from my heart for your time and your support!!! There are so many miracles happening with your work!!! I am deeply touched what can happen when someone is ready to go through a process! Including me! I cannot thank you enough and I am also grateful for my brother who indicated Damiens work to me!

Anja W.



It was very intensive and I had the feeling to still need more clearing. Although I since years work with the inner child with clients and myself it was very intensive to watch the needyness of the group including my own and at the same time not to go through the issues with others and to listen than to  just take the space for me in stillness. At the end everything always turns out in the right way and I trust.



Thank you for your being here and making so many things possible! I am still very grateful and impressed from these powerful and lightful energies, occurences and chances, especially the gift of the session with Damien and the many informations that could be released from the cells. I feel very blessed to having had the possibility to participate in this group!

Annette M.



What wonderful days, where so much moved inside me and is still sorting itself in a new way. I am delighted about how Damien developed and structured the work in a new way. Many thanks also to you and the whole team for all your commitment!

Judith B.



Wonderful that I could participate. Because it was just great…. the program, the whole team, the mood and atmosphere, the support and caring… Me and other participants were delighted at the closeness and naturalness provided by Damien. Other teachers often appear to be above it all and are unapproachable for their pupils. I am eagerly implementing all that we learnt and – together with another participant, which I became acquainted with during the workshop – I am already successfully giving treatments.

Heike B.



Many heartfelt thanks for the great work of all of you and the fantastic weekend and the super-fast service!!! It really changed my life. I now have transformed my money-topic. And this morning I already gave my first session – with overwhelming success. It really works on the entire system.

Heike G.



Last weekend I met Damien and his Lightgrids-Work for the first time. Although I did not really see or feel physical, emotional or inner pictures I am absolutely fascinated and feel simply light, liberated, in zest for action and unbelievable happy and lucky. This has been a long time as I have depressions since my childhood and therefore do not work since last year.

Annette L.



The positive aftermaths of the seminar are so unbelievable – difficult to describe, I arrived in my very core, there is so much peace IN ME!!! So fulfilling…

I worked very much with the „field“ in the last 15 years and I am very impressed about the ease of Damiens „opening the field“ or in other words about the way Damien is opening the gates to our experiences, this is really astounding. And this all without big drama! Magnificent!!!

Jeroen v.B.



I am so deeply grateful for all what you are doing. I thank you that I was allowed to learn and I am very much obliged to work with it! In love and gratitude,

Olga B.



I am richly rewarded and thank you from my heart that I could participate. Damien and his work touched me deeply. I feel guided. I am in a change process in the moment and feel very supported and releaved! I will have a psychosomatic rehabilitation in a few days and it seems that the most important work already happened yesterday in the clearing. I am curious about how it will go on.

Connected from heart to heart,

Rosemarie T.



Thank you very much fro this precious gift! I sat in the sun hearing your Mp3 and … what can I say? THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU! I already saw Damien in Berlin and could connect to him fast and easy. Sometimes it moved me so much that tears ran down off my closed eyes. Now I feel great empowerment! It is my deep wish to express gratefulness and appreciation. It is a wonderful task to bring light into the world!

Angela P.



Yes and I absolutely have to say that Damien has equiped us with everything that is necessary. It is unbelievable in which way we grow from session to session. Everytime it feels more powerful and we feel more details. It is simply incomprehensible and wonderful what we learned with you and can put into life.  Actually it feels as though with every Light Grid Session  that I give and get another “download” is given. What a fantastic work. I am so grateful for the intensive days and the educations.

Ingrid. S.



I feel totally fulfilled after these clearing and transforming days. With Damien and Light Grids I found a Way to live my psychic energy power and on this weekend my personally peak had come: the space was crowded with spiritual beings performing spiritual masterpieces, so wonderful touching…

full of humility seeing this infinite love filling the room, thank you, thank you…

Karin S.



From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you for this wonderful present of the last event! It was a synthesis of the arts of love and welfare from Damien, Esther and the whole team. Many Thanks for that!!

Olaf K.



It was a great experience for me. It was a lot of joy and calmness in me. And during the following days I had the feeling that I recognise my patterns even clearer and that I really could allow to let go quite a lot. I sincerely thank you both for this wonderful work!

Petra E.



Hard to put into words, a mind blowing-experience and a deep recognition that is so tremendously joyful. I am so grateful!

All my love… Amayra Hamilton



Damien’s work is so grounded & profound. My heart is open and I feel empowered to continue to make changes in my life…

Laura Chasko, Phoenix, Arizona



I can hardly describe what a tremendous change has taken place in my life, that I am still completely overwhelmed, how free of fear and full of love and safety I perceive myself! I never felt like this before!!!! I am infinitely grateful about the rich present which I have received during the last days.

Cornelia S.



I was such a wonderful evening yesterday, which activated all my cells and my feeling of happiness. An important part of my soul came home. Also my Inner Child. Thank you and all the helpers and especially Damien for his glowing, clear and heartful time of common transition. In deep Love,

Alexandra S.



It was my first “live encounter” with your work. I saw some of your work on your homepage and I from the first glimpse I thought it very fascinating and felt I had to attend in person.. I felt I could let got the stress and fall into the atmosphere of the room immediately, not being disturbed by those who came in later and staying within myself. That’s not usual for me – being focused on the outside most of the time. I found your meditation very powerful and I felt a kind of heaviness and trance that let me hear everything very clearly but my body very calm and attentive. I kind of couldn’t move or speak but felt that pulse of energy going through my body. Thank you. It was a great experience and it cleared my throat-chakra very much. That’s where I notice most change. I always had difficulties in expressing myself singing. All those tones came out quite suppressed and awkward. Yesterday I spent the evening singing and humming along – and liking the sound. So I just want to say thank you for your great work, bringing the energy down and helping us to clear our own fields and those of the collective. All the best to you and the whole team with heartfelt thankfulness.

Monika H.



Meanwhile I gave quite a few light-grids-single-sessions and I only got overwhelming and magnificent feedback. Thank you both so much for your work, which is wonderful on all levels.

Cornelia L.



Damien’s recent meditation lead me from my head (and stomach) to my heart. I experienced being born again. I didn’t only felt and experienced, but understood it. I love Damien’s purity and simplicity; it works for me very well. I love the sharings; one can learn a great deal from them. My old structure and believe system I tried using to protect myself doesn’t work anymore. Something else is replacing it: The Way of Life and The Heart. Damien and everyone present helped me with this not easy transition.

Csilla, Budapest



My deep thankfulness to Damien, who allows us to participate over and over again in his experiences with the cosmic forces and who transmits relevant knowledge for growth and changes at all levels to us. Also what Damien has said during the question & answer phase, has answered many questions for me, without that I had to ask them. I am also grateful to Damien for his openness, which he speaks about his own experiences, particularly about his first steps. This is very encouraging. For me his company was very clearly perceptible in the process of change. I was really overpowered by the energy that “came across”. It was really special. I am very grateful for it.

Sigrid W.



A huge Thank You to Damien, his team, the Universe – for the most valuable option to be able to listen to the meditations through internet / jeet.tv / you tube, ANYTIME. It never felt that easy to work on myself. Damien´s words are full of love and lightness, the support from Universe while meditation is truly powerful. Every single cell in me seems to call out: “Yeah – at last! “ Can´t wait and looking so much forward to attending Damien´s Light-Grids-Education.

Ingrid S.



I would like to thank you both dearly for your work. Since you are coming here I participate in your groups and my life has changed completely since that time – thank you so very much!!!!! I have used the video-broadcast of the intensive-day on Jeet-TV several times already – simply splendid, that this is possible! It is a big help for me to get support in this way if my programs are running again. So again many, many thanks for what you both do and how you do it!!!

Silvia G.



I am surprised over and over again, how different, more freely it feels every time. Even though I still go through “roller coasters” of feelings, but the lowness does not last so long anymore. Where earlier I got stuck in depressions and „victum-mode“ for many months, today it often is quickly over and the light is back again in minutes. Words cannot express my gratitude and relief. Thanks for everything!

Karin L.



Thanks a lot for the amazing yesterday in Köln – for dissolving the tricky playgrounds of negative ego – and especially for the stage-session. It was so amazing to see and feel the different qualities of the saint light beeings, which you invite and which work through you and which were all around in the room as multiplicated you. So impressive, also to see, how the concentration of the energy changed into thick energy fog or fluid…..as I told, I´ve seen those things before only from Tibetan Lamas, – and it was so surprising, so touching and I feel so blessed, to attend this work!!! Thanks a million and a low bow,




The intensive-seminar was really intense and almost 3 weeks I kept dreaming of it and I felt that somehow it was worked on me and with me. When I woke up in the morning, the first thought was the seminar. Quite astonishing how everything was set in motion. I thank you and Damien very much for this experience – which still overwhelms me with wonder.

Franziska M.



Thank you for this wonderful evening to you and Damien, it was incredibly beautiful and supporting. Please pass my big gratitude on to Damien for what he makes possible. That what you enable I cannot describe with words at all because it is so incredibly loving and wonderful. Once again from the bottom of my soul thank you for everything. In loving affinity.

Heike K.



Damien wakes up the spirit, the ego shrinks, my gratitude flows to all my new friends. Thanks for reminding me to feel and love myself.

Swami Viram



Felt safe and a great love. I was able to open up and not feel judged, Thank you!




Damien, Thank you for your wonderful teachings. I have been wondering if there is a way to make past life and current issues clearing easy. Thank you for your wonderful guidance for helping me learn to clear old frequencies. I now feel my Spirit sing, Thank you very much…

Kyle K.



Damien, Thank you for sharing your beautiful and powerful gift. You are truly a blessing!

Mary Powers



Expansion is the key, I loved every minute of it.




Just be open and receive what comes to you. It is meant to come at that moment.

Prem Prabuddha



My heart is MORE MORE MORE than ever, One with ALL THAT IS… So round, full, vibrant, expanded, radiant – still spiralling into a colossal fireworks displaying LOVE. I feel One with all my brothers in the room – mostly I feel One with myself. Thank you!




The level of intuition, love and acceptance helped me open my heart and my very being. I gave myself the opportunity to let go. Thank you.

Presila V Campos (Sangeeta). Sedona, Arizona



Damien, the Silence was the deepest Words i had with you and The Teachings, i feel very TOUCHED, JUST SIMPLY TOUCHED DEEPLY. TO BE THROWN INTO A POT OF LOVE AND TOLD: “NOW DARE TO SWIM!” I DIDNT DARE, SO I DROWN, AND DROWNED THE WHOLE WEEKEND IN THE LOVE! This is the feeling, I wasn’t sure if I had a voice, i had NO Words. I am left amazed, humbled, loved and now i am thrown out into this beautiful world and i hear in me “NOW DARE TO LIVE THIS LOVE” – I will try my utter best. THANK YOU FOR YOUR EMBRACE, Damien.




I experienced the sessions as incredibly strong and salutary and wonderful. Still I feel the effects, just a bit weaker. I feel cleansed and more permeable, more heart-opened and more interlinked with everything, particularly with the nature, my perception is different. In my work as a Shiatsu-therapist I experience myself clearer and “easier in terms of more natural”, the perception is clearer and the treatments are flowing more freely. Thus – I feel very much gifted – thank you so much! It is a miraculous “work” – oh, it is a miraculous intensive play, which you “train”… I am very happy that I followed the hint and my inner voice and came to the events.

Heidi M.



I am still completely surprised and grateful! It was really an energetic washing machine and in addition there were also the instructions to remain clean. Now, finally, I have it, I really understood (head~heart), it has arrived and makes such a big difference. … a very big, hearty ThankYou from me!!! There were so many presents by Damien.

Aamira C.D.



I have been reflecting on these 4 days I spent with you. Reflect is maybe not the best word; but I could not find any other – so let me put it this way; this reflection happens both in my mind and in my HEART. I am 38 years old, and these 4 days have been THE experience for me in my entire life time (in this life J ). I have never felt this fulfilled. My soul, I think, felt satisfaction for the very first time. And it is tasty! J Now I know how it feels “the connection to the source” which I have been reading about. It is indeed indescribable! My soul is nourished as it was never before.
The last 3 days I did not do much after the day was over with you, but today my inner voice was telling me “go bike!” And I did. Until today, every time I biked, I used to end-up in an asthma-like situation; short of breath with burning lungs… In any exercise indeed. This has been the first time in years that I was able to BREATHE! I could breathe. My lungs were there, with me. I was a whole. My eyes were filled with tears when I looked up and thanked the divine power, my higher-self and my lungs.
I have no idea how I could ever thank you enough. You gave me back my breath. Well, you will not like it this way; let me say; “you helped me claim and take all that was mine back, most importantly my breath back”. This is an awesome feeling to feel the fresh air in my lungs, the smell of the trees, feel my lungs alive at their full capacity, feel the air coming in filling me and going out, over and over… I used to feel exhausted even after 15-16km, and today it was soooo easy.. My legs, my muscles, my bones, my breath, we were all one, and I felt whole. I did not feel tired at all. I honestly even asked myself whether my “new guides” were maybe giving a little push to my bike because at a certain point I really felt like I was not biking but just “flowing”.

On my way back, I cycled back home through the Nymphemburg wood. It was late and it was dark. And why is that important?? Because since my childhood I have always felt that I was a little psychic, and I have always held a fear that I would consciously see a non-physical being, or hear it, or simply connect.. Though I felt that part of me always wanted this, too.. And for all these reasons, I would have never cycled through a wood at night! But this time, I DID!
I did not have the “old” type of fear, rather I felt excitement, ok and had a bit of goose-skin J  I am proud of myself indeed! J And before entering the wood, to make it smooth for my “opening-up”, I said to my higher-self and to the universe; “I am open to always be in connection with the divine and receive her messages in any way my higher-self thinks the best. This is my intention from now on, always. Let’s go step-by-step and maybe first start with more familiar methods.” So I set my I-phone playlist to “shuffle” and I asked that my “new guides” let me know what I need to know today when I am cycling through that wood in dark.
At the random shuffle function; the below songs came up, with the below lines that my ears & heart captured in the dark wood:
Sting – English man in New York:
“I am an alien. I am an alien.” Well, who are not…? J But what really echoed in my ears was; “Be yourself, no matter what they say. Be yourself, no matter what they say.”
James Blunt – Shine on All the Lost Souls:
“Shine on, just shine on, close your eyes and all will be gone. Just shine on with your smile as bright as the sun.”
Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald – Cheek to cheek
“Heaven, I am in heaven, my heart beats so, that I can hardly speak, And I seem to find the happiness I seek.”
Damien, thank you very much once more. You are a very special soul. And I learnt/felt with you that I am a very special soul, too. J I am gifted because I can see that you are gifted J In my heart, I hold a big love and gratitude for you.

Basak S.



I was for the first time with Damien Wynne and would like to express my enthusiasm in this way! The energy was flowing freely, every cell of my body was vibrating, aching spots in my body freed themselves noticeably. I went home that night inspired and ensouled. On my path I have already participated quite a few meditation events and workshops; indeed, up to now this evening with Damien was the most intensive.

Katrin T.



This work is such a gift and since I participated in Berlin I sense a constant change and new reactions and different resonances. Fascinating what all happens! Something in me is watching my deeds and there are quite a few things I am reacting differently than before. Also working with Light Grids is an incredible experience and each time different. I feel this work as a present and I am grateful that Damien brings it into the world.

Sylvia Z



It was such a wonderful experience on La Palma with all the group together, I feel so wonderfully opened in my heart, connected with the earth and with source and beyond source…. when I am in my heart, I feel awake, clear, deeply and tenderly connected with everything which is real, full of joy and peace and I know that everything will come to me which I need on my path….that is wonderful!
Many thanks to Damien for this marvellous work, which he shares with us.

Susanne G.



This seminar with Damien had a crucial impact on my life – I am not the one I was before any more and I am very happy and most of all so grateful for this gift!

Hans W.



Thank you so much for this wonderful energy-work at the weekend. I feel so good today, with a lot more energy, and at the same time very well protected, like wrapped in cotton and nicely slowed down. Unbelievable. Indescribable. Incredible. I am so grateful.

O. S.



I thank you from the bottom of my heart heart for everything you do for me. You are an angel on earth with a big heart. Finally, since the first meeting with you, colour comes back into my life. Lovely that you give me a hand, dissolve blockages, that you help my heart to love and live and my soul to shine. Infinite thanks for that.

Brigitte M.



“In a Hungarian childrenʼs game two children face each other hold hands, and raise their arms thus forming a gate. The other children hold hands forming a line and singing “The Golden Gate is open, Letʼs get through it… “ go thru that gate. When the song ends, the gate closes..arms go down, and whoever was not fast enough…stayed where she-he was…” Iʼd like to write about the workshop in Budapest. It was very good to be there to be with all of you.

I was surprised how simple everything is, how easy it is to be only our true selves. Iʼm grateful that I could experience my breaking away from the Sun Solaris light as a beam to begin my life on Earth. To experience my previous lives out of which I felt to be the most balanced and happiest in the beginning Egyptian culture. I was in a perfect harmony with myself, with my God-self. Un-describable experience. Thank you for the impression of the interesting feeling during the meditation that I was in everybody, part of everybody, and that they became part of me. We were one, yet separate individuals, ( Iʼm you as well…) it was unusual, and impossible to put it into words! Since then, there is a growing self confidence, a stable, solid feeling in me that Iʼm in my place, finally. It is so easy like that, that we live in the moment! (As if I dumped from my back the many rocks that Iʼve carried so far). My favorite scientist Einsteinʼs quote ripened in me by now: “I want to know Godʼs thoughts; the rest are details.” I thank you for everything Damien!

Agnes Marosi, Slovakia



This evening was very intense form me, so different, so touching, the New Age was shining through!
I would like to be able to express, but how? Damien’s words were reaching me very deeply, the intensity, the music, I was absolutely delighted – also not the right word, words are so restricted…
At the end I said I am “happy” – many years ago that I said that. I am so very grateful to Damien and for the light-grids-work.

Maria B., Berlin



This time with Damien and the group was fantastic. So much wonderful energy, which still carries me in an enchanting way. I am infinitively grateful and touched, that I had the change to get to know this light-work and that I could experience it in myself. I want to say thank you for your help!

Sabrina L.



A few days after the group I still feel soft and smooth and sleek. Also since yesterday I have a feeling of wholeness and this morning I embraced myself and could feel such a deep love towards myself… I feel like I’ve found myself again – great!

Alessandra M., Cologne



I am 76 years old. A dear friend of mine gave me a light-grid-session, which she learned to do in your education. After this session I got a lot of energy. My hearing went better (I am hard of hearing and have to wear a deaf-aid). Before my back was very stiff and I had problems to bend over. After the treatment I immediately could bent over and was able to put on my shoes without any problem. I was really surprised! It stayed like this even until today (weeks later).

I have a severe tropical infection disease; several doctors tried to help me with medicaments, but nothing worked. After the lightgrids-treatment this medical condition, my afflictions have gone completely for two weeks! Now the symptoms are back, but just a little, only when I am in stress, but nothing compared to before. Altogether I have much more energy and more flexibility in my muscles.

Helga F., Berlin



Damien’s Light Grid work takes energy work to the highest level, Source!

Every healer needs this sacred technique in their his/her tool chest. Damien’s teaching method helps you to confidently adapt the technique to your own personal style making(self) healing occur faster, deeper and more profoundly. It is a joy to be in the company of Damien’s generous spirit and integrity. He is a living example of the power of this work.

Mary Liz Murphy



I am eternally grateful for the magical and heavenly activations and clearings at the 4 Day Light Grids Technique Training Seminar & Retreat in Rosendale, NY. It exceeded my wildest dreams and taught me so much on so many levels! I am very excited about integrating this powerful energy technique into my energy practice and have already used it on a client remotely! I feel that I finally have found the modality and spiritual practice that can truly manifest great love and light for all of humanity. Damien is a pure hearted and modest spiritual teacher and guide. I am so blessed and blissed for his appearance in my life at this time! Blessings to all!

Meryl Vandana Brinin



Being in Damien’s presence was the consistent highlight of the four day course, witnessing his consistently positive and generous energy, humor, and intelligent responses to constant questions. He seems to be blessed with unending patience in demonstrating and revising the activation method, and throughout he remains dedicated to the work of accelerating the transformation of humanity’s consciousness at this time. He’s accessible, models an awesome humility, and possesses a clarity about himself and his boundaries that challenges each of us to step up our level of functionality. Although we were gathered for no less than 12-13 hours daily, at no point was it anything but worthwhile, transcendent, or transformative. Unlike any other workshop of this scope and duration that I have attended, parting was truly a tearful and sweet goodbye.

Carol C.



The beautiful meditations guided and channeled by Damien are simply life changing. After my time attending Damien’s Evening Group Clearings I have found that issues I have been working on are simply not holding me back from stepping into my true essence any longer. To mention a couple of them… Being an enabler has been a painful part of life for me in the past and I’m no longer conflicted from this co-dependency issue, Whew! Oh, And my stage fright is now a non-issue. I can stand in front of a room and speak from my heart & be present comfortably. Thank you Damien for sharing your gifts with such grace, love and ease. Anyone that would like to move through anything holding them back from having everything you desire make sure you attend any of Damien’s events… Many blessings to you dear Damien!

Mary Ellen



It has been two years since I got to know Damien and the Technique. First, I went to him for a One on One…
I didn’t know much about this work… but I got surprises along the way… I felt that there is something changing, something deep inside. Often, this came about without any physical manifestation, but I felt…
I truly didn’t know how this would help me and my illness, as I had an eating disorder: I was an obsessive overeater meaning: hooked on sugar for years. If I am honest…my overeating rushes didn’t diminish, sometimes they came up even more intensely after a treatment bringing up very deep emotions of suppressed anger, rage to the surface.. Time went by and Damien encouraged me and kept saying..Enjoy your life..and it is a very heavy package that I put on my shoulders…
I kept with it, but sometimes it was very hard… In the United States a got to know the 12 steps Program which helped me to get well on all levels: physical, mental, and emotional… Nicely and slowly, I started recover and free myself from the claws of this tormenting illness…
Damien helped me, and when I got back, I started going to the group meditations…
What I felt: My life started to be more and more in an equilibrium…my mind quieted down..I found an inner voice that I could listen to and follow more and more every day… I got stronger…because of the Technique, I felt that I cleanse and cleanse… It cleansed my pain, it cleansed my soul, and my body too… I know today that changes don’t happen from one day to another…that we have to be patient..because the work that we do on ourselves will bring a reward… As to what I got during these two years… Support, a great deal of love, and that I can fly again and be myself! This is a real present…from above from the Universe! I’m very grateful to you Damien, and to myself that I kept up!With love,




This is just a short summary of what has happened since I participated for the first time in Damien’s groups:

My hair gets shorter; meaning I dare to wear the style I really like and I am not looking so much anymore how others might like me.
I finally managed to free myself from my old relationship (which I tried for 6 years!) And the best is: it’s all going really peacefully and in friendship.
Finally I am able to concentrate – something I had extreme problems with.
I don’t need so much approval anymore from others, which makes live much easier.
I hardly ever drink alcohol, before I used to, now I simply don’t like it anymore.
I am meditating a lot, which before I haven’t done much at all.
And – almost unbelievable: I am doing sports again – YES!
I don’t feel as a victim of the circumstances anymore, but have a lot of fun with my job and my daily life and I take life easy.
In deep Gratefulness…

Babsi W.



 This seminar with Damien I found really extraordinary, remarkable, moving, touching and transforming – wow!

Pascal B.



Two weeks after the group clearing it was suddenly decided that I will stop smoking. It wasn’t ME deciding this!

What can I say – after 40 years of nonstop-smoking I do not smoke anymore since then !
Sometimes it’s still hard, but often it feels really light meanwhile. The breathing gets more and more easy and my heart is opening. I wanna say again, that I will continue.

Gaby K.



With utter conviction I can say, that this was one of the most intense – or even the top-event in my “career” as a traveler in seminar- and personal development.

Frank K.



After 13 years of work on my own issues I finally took a big, big step towards myself in just the last four days during your seminar. Clarity and many changes are showing up in my life. Many “skins” were falling off and old conditionings have lost their power and well, the fact that I am like a light-house right now, you can see that on the photo I attached…
In this very short period of time many new things have come my way, and I am curious what will happen next. To sum it up – after many years of small steps finally this is a coming-home on a deep level. From the bottom of my heart I want to thank you.

Elke R.



Three days ago, the fact became clearer to me, that,”Spirit has no boundaries in time and space”. That’s the best way to describe my experience with Damien’s online video activation process. There are no accidents, only synchronization’s of Source. Here is how it happened for me:

Like all souls, coming from Spirit, and blessed with this human experience, I knew somewhere deep within, we are all more than a physical body. My hunger for the Truth has lead me to many awakenings. The latest one was May first, 2011. Who would imagine it could happen from a taped video, on the internet, like it did for me. Recently, I had asked Spirit to remove the blocks that made me feel so full of fear and anxiety. These blocks had manifested as pain in my upper body and a perpetual nervousness. After asking for higher guidance, I came across Damien’s activation sessions. Asking for higher guidance, I laid quietly on my bed, occasionally glancing at his 2 videos until they were finished. I then fell asleep for the night.
In the morning, I woke up with a headache. It felt like what has been described to me as a migraine. I am not prone to headaches at all, so I emailed Damien. He promptly answered back to reassure me that the activation was in process and the blocks were being worked out somehow. During the next 24 hours Spirit showed me the uncertainty I experienced in my Mother’s womb. This was her 6th pregnancy, there was lack of money, and she was not happy in her marriage. I was guided to love and nurture my ” Fetus-Self” and my dear Mother, too. The pain began to subside. I felt an incredibly deep and soothing peace and I felt like my insides were full of” loving bubbles” that were cleansing me. I began knowing things before they happened that day, and I felt like I was floating.. literally !! There was a feeling of love for everyone and everything.
Today is day three. I have been drawn to sending out energy to everyone, as well as this wonderful and constant flow of prayerfulness from the depths of my heart. My headache , and other past discomforts are completely gone today. I have been feeling full of child-like energy all day ( and I am 55 years old ).Amazing work.
Thank you Spirit, for your work in me, through Damien’s process of activation. I know many more souls will be lead to awaken from this enlightening process. Thanks Damien for putting your work online. Bless you!

Shelley, British Columbia



Damien showered his energy of light and love on me, my husband, our house, on all the people who came to see him. He is truly generous and gives from the innocence of his heart. In his loving presence our ego games dissolved and we enjoyed a world of bliss and playfulness outside the prison of our minds. In my personal session he opened spaces of trust and a feeling of being supported by my ancestors. Now it’s up to me to keep those spaces open.

Pashyo S., Los Angeles



You reminded me how important it is to be aware of my heart. How easily it closes and what it takes to feel open again.

Sel S., Los Angeles



There are no words that can truly communicate the transmission received, so I will try my best. I am lovingly reminded that at any moment I decide I can be re-connected to the Source. The power and light was so immense at times I felt blinded…but I trusted, allowing it to flow and become a part of me again, as it always has been. I am grateful that you are a clear vessel for the divine stream of consciousness to flow through. It’s a very different quality to come from one’s heart space versus your mind, especially for me…so I’m feeling a little spacey in the head and full and loving in my heart…which is where we are all meant to be.

Keep lighting up the world my friend!

Bodhi E., Los Angeles



The most amazing thing that I went through, was releasing my throat chakra blockage that despite of the fact that I’ve been working intensely towards it for so many years, disappeared completely… to the point that I was feeling the whole inside my throat the next day… amazing relief!!! The other amazing thing that happened today, after I practiced the release of a negative feeling technique, after feeling so low due to listening to someone’s harsh and egoistical judgments, I was back to feeling love and peace in less than a minute!!! I completely feel centered, focused and decisive to a very new degree! All I can say is that what Damian contributes is a Gift from God! Thank you Damian, thank you God!

Lilian A., Los Angeles



I haven’t ever really looked into this type of energy work before and the time spent with Damien has created a true believer out me. I find it very difficult to put into words what Damien did for me. I felt joy and elation to sorrow and the realization there were many things in my life which need to be changed. It was the most powerful and wondrous experience I could have ever imagined. If you receive the gift of working with Damien it’s something that will change your life and can make you a better person.

Daniel T., Salt Lake City



I am so grateful to have had the opportunity to work with Damien. I am waking up and beginning to know who I really am. The weight has been lifted, light is pouring in, and I seem to be moving quickly and easily through major life transitions that had previously seemed insurmountable.

Sheryl S., Salt Lake City



I became very calm and quiet. My thinking has changed, for example, I don’t feel any anxiety any more. Before I got panic feelings about all the bad news in the world. I don’t feel that any more; not that I am not touched any more, but it doesn’t affect me emotionally as strong as earlier. I can see that the group-clearing has strengthened my inner centre, my middle.

Saskia S., Berlin



These days with Damian and you all were just miraculous. Now my Spirit sits completely in me – I can feel that. I feel much safer and more natural and more connected… And my heart… Wow! THANK YOU!!!

Parmatma G., Berlin



From the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you for everything again. Against my initial fear to be in a group, I felt very welcome.

All day long I am in a happy, cheerful mood, which I do not know at all from myself.
I have the impression that deep inside myself something has changed and with astonishment I experience a new development, which already becomes apparent in the background.
Damien has huge internal knowledge and wisdom. He gave us much information on an unconscious level through the higher, divine energy and, besides, our energy was also raised. His little stories appealed to everybody in a miraculous way. It was a joyous energy play, which made us thoughtful and connected all of us in a harmonious way. I know that we will see again.

Christa O., Berlin



I want to thank you for all that you´ve brought into my life. Since I have met you, my life has changed completely. The work you do is such a blessing and has transformed my heaviness and sadness. I feel connected to the source again and my spirit is anchored in my body. I am present and back on track, trusting in my guidance, connected to my soul and happy to continue the work I wanted to do on this planet. Every cell of my body seems to be smiling after you did the activation with me, and there is a lightness and joyfulness guiding me through the day. And when heaviness or depressive thoughts want to come back, I just have to think of the pure and lightful being that you are and the unconditional love you give, and I remember that this is also my truth, as you are teaching every day… ;-)) I am deeply grateful for the grace that guided you into my life!

Susanne S., Berlin



With the "new" work essential things happened again - such a change: yes, finally I can go in properly into the channel and feel strength - Yahoo!!! The work is even faster and more efficient. Thank you, Thank you from the heart!


Margarete J.



After the meditation I felt very grounded and refreshed and since then I feel simply blessed and flooded with light. During the whole session I have perceived many light grids and connecting nets – clearly and very cleaning! After the Clearing the tears came to me once more; it touches me so deeply! Your work is a divine present to humanity, to all living beings, to Mother Earth!

Wiebke S., Berlin



YES! I already did dream in light grids, cannot describe it, but it is wonderful! Thank you so much.

Regina B., Berlin



I have seen the light and have felt the unconditional love. I work and live in Braunschweig and on my way home on the high way, I felt as if I carried a torch. Yesterday I nealy only slept or laughed and cried all day, without an heaviness. Everthing is the way it is! Trust and confidence! Thanks that I could be a part of it.

Love and Light, Claudia P.






Webinar Feedback



I just heard the first webinar and I'm overwhelmed. And very very grateful for these gifts that Damien shares so generously with us. I finally feel clear, free, connected, and confident. It is simply the greatest and most effective work.

Thank you, thank you, Damien and you all.

Anja O.


Thank you so much for this wonderful webinar (getting ready for the New Year). I did a whole series, - about five I guess, - in the last weeks, - and with this last one, I feel my astral body in a new, more physically graspable way and in this perspective I feel huge and a vastness, a very touching and beautiful energy, - in a new way connected to the cosmos, wisdom, truth, love, stillness, and when I connect with creativity, I feel immense playfulness and just want to let creation flow through in the many forms, it wants to speak thru me.

Jasmin S.



What a gift, what a change, what an arrival! Thank you all for this beautiful beautiful experience and new being myself!

Panja H.



I am thankful that I did all the webinars of the Practitioner series. These webinars are milestones for me, even on a physical level. Many blockades were allowed to dissolve. I'm really grateful for that.


Elisabeth B.



With the series of practioner webinars on the body and stem cells, I feel it very easy to let go of old fields. The work with the stem cells felt so natural to me - I spend a lot of years learning what an unbelievably great system our body is. So I would like to say THANK YOU for your work - for me it's the right time and the right method to clear the cells from old patterns and let my soul really come in.

Monika H.



It was one more marvelous seminar of this webinar series. Every time after a seminar, I thought, oh what a great seminar it was. But the next has become even more intense. I have also watched the recordings and they continue to work. A lot of transformation is happening in a very profound way. Many many thanks.





First of all, I would like to thank you for the noticeably sustainable evening. In the first meditation I felt for the beginning something tender, a vulnerability and my tears cam easily. Shortly thereafter came a deep peace, a silence that felt very peaceful and warm. The 2ndMeditation gave me a sense of clarity. Also, I felt a strength, as if nothing could shake me so fast. At the moment I feel much freer and more positive. THANK YOU SO MUCH! I look forward to meeting you again. Great feeling and Damien radiates a warm heartedness and is authentic.

Susanne L.




I watched the webinar for 2 consecutive days. After the first time, it worked so hard in my whole body at night that I woke up to it. It broke up a blockade, on which I "tinkered" with different techniques since 2011, which was a realignment of my entire skeleton after. After the second viewing, there was just peace and quiet in me. Many Thanks!

Karin L.




A whole new dimension of work! Before massive resistance, during which painful processes on many levels, in the end exhausted, relaxed and inwardly very peaceful. In the meantime heard the 5th time and ... I do not know exactly what happens, but it happens ... shift ... a new one ... THANK YOU!

Katrin H.




Thank you so much, Damien! I tought to have found peace with my father topics, but there was so much more. The clearing was extremely strong and intense, but now I feel sparkling energy in whole body and a sense of confidence and trust. Life is an adventure...so happy to have connected with your work. With deep gratitude, Christine

Christine A.




Very deep and really cleansing. Great Webinar on a very essential topic (Honouring our Father-aspect). It's like cleaning the roots of our being to be able to drink pure water again and then grow into our authentic form and beauty. Thank you.

Monika H.




This webinar has energetically again deepened the stem cell work of Damien illustrated and with the exercises also directly in his own body led to results. Thank you for this wonderful kind of healing work for myself and therefore for all.

Samata S.



So deep, so strong! I love it, my inner child loves it!! My whole family system loves it! One more huge step in this life! Thank you, Damien!





The webinar was very profound and effective, also interesting. Many thanks to all who participated. Thank you all.

Esther B.




Beyond the tangible and even bigger: Working with Damien. He brings this to earth, which is bigger than anything else I have experienced so far. May my capacity grow, receive and implement his teachings.

Hendrik B.





Feedback for the Single Sessions


It has been a very intense impacting session for me yesterday touching me on deep levels of my being. I don’t really know what happened, but I do feel the difference: today like a soft yummy marshmallow from the inside – not knowing what comes next, but with faith beyond words it will be ok.

Sibylle R.


It was truly a joy to work with Damien. He is a shining example of someone who is working beyond the ego and in touch with spirit. I am still enjoying the benefits of my session with him – I have a lightness of spirit and an opening of the heart that I know is a direct result of my work with him. Meeting him was a great blessing in my life and my hope is that more people have the opportunity to experience his extraordinary gift.

Gyanand S., Los Angeles


It was truly a joy to work with Damien. He is a shining example of someone who is working beyond the ego and in touch with spirit. I am still enjoying the benefits of my session with him – I have a lightness of spirit and an opening of the heart that I know is a direct result of my work with him. Meeting him was a great blessing in my life and my hope is that more people have the opportunity to experience his extraordinary gift.

Gyanand S., Los Angeles

I had my first single-session and it was a wonderful experience. The months before, I always had a feeling of losing my inner light. And could not get any further. After this session it was like finding a piece of myself again. Beautiful, full of love and self-love.
In the summer the webinars were such an important companion.
I feel your work is very pure and true and really wanting to help.
Although we have not yet met in person, dear Esther, I feel the contact so familiar and cordial. I thank you all very much for your wonderful work. You are a great team!

Ute K.



A energy session with Damien is a deep personal experience. I am so happy to have had the opportunity to meet him. Just by thinking of my energy session brings me so much happiness and a great sense of relief. My youth, my childhood, and my deep past have been cleared. I feel spontaneously happy since my session.

Deepti B., Los Angeles