A day with Damien



Are you ready to face all unreflective parts of your system are you ready to live your full potential and change your life to the highest version of you Damien will spend one day with you from 10 am – 9 pm with hundred percent focus on you and your system information. He will support you to strip away in the illusions and belief systems which are not your own. 


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Webinar Special Package




Meanwhile, there is a comprehensive treasure of more than 150 webinars held by Damien since 2016. We'd like to make those supportive, instructive, intense and sometimes even life-changing meditations and lessons more accessible for you by three attractive packages. Within those packs, every single video costs only 10% of the regular price (package basic price goes on top).

Silver Pack
Gold Pack
11 webinar videos
of your own choice
33 webinar videos
of your own choice

99,- €*

incl. 19% VAT

222,- €*

incl. 19% VAT

                                                                                                      * basic price + 10% of the regular price       


In addition to the respective package price, for each chosen video you pay only 10% of the regular price – no matter how much it originally costs, and with free choice. Regular prices of the webinars range between 22 € and 88 €.

So, if you were only picking out the most expensive webinars, already your Silver Pack would be worth 792 €!


That means, you can both order your number of videos all at once or gradually during the year. You'll just let us know which video you'd like to have, and we'll give you a coupon code that will allow you to watch the chosen video on the seminar platform Sofengo for just 10% of the original single price. Hence, you can watch the webinar or seminar as often as you like and for an indefinite period of time.

Please note that all packages include only video recordings of past webinars. Future live webinars are not included. Those can be regularly and individually booked at full price.

New recordings of live webinars added during the one year time frame can be chosen within the selected package at earliest one month after broadcasting.

If interested in one of the video packages, please contact: esther@damien-wynne.de



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Damien Wynne as Speaker at the Paradigm Shift Congress

The congress takes place conveniently online at your home. In the period from 14.11. until 24.11.2019 you will receive daily an e-mail with the links to the respective interviews.You can enjoy each interview for 24 hours relaxed & free on the computer, mobile phone, laptop or tablet.
If you want to secure the interviews permanently, then you have the opportunity to buy the whole package as a download.

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