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NEW: Webinar Series


Neue Webinar Reihe mit Damien Wynne  

Damien has recently become more involved in the mental activation of our stem cells. One can understand the stem cells as the physical equivalent of our divine blueprint because they contain our original, unconditioned DNA. They work independently and intelligently and in their own way to repair the body and, of course, also to clarify the subtle levels. In this webinar series with Damien, we will go through each of the body systems and activate the stem cells so that they can emanate like a flock to do what they are created for. We do it with dedication and trust.


This webinar series is intended as a training course especially for already trained Light Grids Practitioners. We do not exclude anyone, but basic Light Grids training is helpful in understanding.

One Practitioner Webinar costs 44 € (VAT incl.). If you have booked the first 8 dates, you will receive the 9th webinar free of charge. The teaching modules build on each other, but can still be booked individually. Missed modules can also be bought later as a video recording. Videos that are purchased later are also valid for the package discount.


Mon, 2. Juli: Brain

Whatever the scientists think about our brains and how much we actually use of them ... we can assume that we have stored much of the information we need, but that we often can not reach at the crucial moment and others, which we have in action and which override the access to the really desired data. How do we make our brains more meaningful, effective and attuned to our very own intentions? How do we use our brain as a formative element on our spiritual path? In this webinar, Damien will explore ways we can transform our thinking so that we can indulge more creatively and joyfully in our very own creations.

Mon, 9. Juli: Nervous System and Spine 

Information from many times is stored in our nervous system and spine: joy, pain, moments of happiness, moments of caution, reflexes and much more. Our nervous systemand spine are the central link between our subtle bodies and our High Self to our physical body. Nervous system and spinal column effectively form the coupling of soul and mind to the body. Damien will shed light on this system with this webinar and provide us with tools to help us flow better within ourselves and help to synchronize our bodies.

Mon, 16. Juli: Sensory Organs, - eyes, nose, ears

Our senses serve as entry gates for information from the 3D world. How do we use it? Anyone who has ever had contact with people who are hard of hearing will, with a smile, remember the "selective" perception of these people: What they should hear, they do not hear, and what they should not hear ... Are not all of us feeling a bit like this? What exactly does our inner attitude cause in terms of perception in relation to our sensory organs? What do we really see and hear? And what is "real" in this context? Damien will focus on clarifying the senses and perceptions in this webinar.

Mon, 23. Juli: Teeth

The hardest body parts of our physique are our teeth, we bite on them, we grind our teeth, we pull one or the other tooth, and this not just proverbially. There are physical correspondences to the teeth, and some of you, who have already become familiar with the relevant tooth charts will know that. However, the subtle patterns around the teeth are also important to us: Damien has repeatedly explained from his perspective how much information from this and other lives is stored in the teeth and tooth roots. That's why Damien will pay more attention to our teeth in this webinar.

Mon, 30. Juli: Heart, Blood and Kidneys

The heart is our center, it is central drive, it tirelessly does not matter what we do, it exudes (scientifically proven) 800 times more energy than the brain. When we describe our deepest interior, we are talking about "heart and blood". These organs are more important to our body and our energy than any other. In Chinese medicine, it is said that the source energy with which we incarnate is stored in the kidneys; if it diminishes, we get gray hair. You can already feel how much the body speaks to us through heart, blood and kidneys. How can we support these organs? How can we free them from the old? This webinar is dedicated to clarifying the heart, blood and kidneys.

Mon, 6. August: Bones and Bone Marrow

What is actually happening in the bones that are holding us straight and providing us with a framework for our life in the physical world? Many elements and minerals are stored there, which made available to the body when needed, and new blood cells and stem cells are also formed in bones and bone marrow. What does that mean for us in terms of our subtle work? How can we build a clear relationship with our bones and bone marrow? Damien will give his answers on this topic in this webinar.

Mon, 13. August: Digestive System, - Stomach, Intestines, Liver

In all transferred senses and proverbial: things can be undigested, misunderstood, left behind and stuck in our digestion. Our language is clear when we say "something affects the stomach" or "I have not digested it yet". So it is high time that we look at this, because these patterns burden not only our digestion, but also our thinking, because developmentally, the gut and brain arise in the fetal period from a common cotyledon. In this webinar, Damien's techniques focus on digestion and all related patterns, memories and processes.

Mon, 20. August: Genitals, - Vagina & Ovaries, Penis & Testicals

Creation has created us as creators who carry the power of creativity in all levels. Creation involves not only inspiration, which means the idea itself, but also the power to bring creation to earth, to conception and giving birth. Our genitals stand for much more than the pure preservation of the human race: they are an expression of creativity and materialization. In our history and in the history of our ancestors, there has been a great deal of misunderstanding, oppression and distortion around the power of creation, procreation and giving birth. In this webinar, Damien wants to redefine, honor and integrate these organs so that they can become what they really are: the joyful creation in All That Is.

Mon, 27. August: Lungs,  - respiratory system and skin


The lungs, the respiratory organs and the skin are our direct connection from the inside to the outside and vice versa. If we are frightened, "it takes our breath away", we are “not feeling well in our skin". Where do we set limits? What do we let in and what do we let out? What comes too close? It is not without reason that these psycho-emotional imbalances often appear on our body surface and the respiratory tract at times with allergies, with reactions of precisely these organs. In his work in this webinar, Damien addresses the respiratory tract and the skin, clarifying cell memories, solving patterns and establishing a healthy balance between inside and outside.