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NEW: Webinar Series

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A webinar-series in 8 sessions
This webinar-series will encourage you to release your control – the control, which is keeping you in your mind and thus disconnecting you from yourself and your partner.
Session by Session Damien will go deeper and deeper into your true connection with your sexuality. Damien’s work will support you to melt together, bringing tenderness and coziness and safety into the relationship with yourself and the one you are present with.


These 8 modules build on each other, but can still be booked individually.
Missed modules can also be bought later as a video recording. When you have booked 7 of the webinars, you’ll get the eights one as a gift from us for free. Videos that are purchased later are also valid for the package discount.

Each webinar from 7pm – 9pm German time, 33 € each

The eight dates are:

S1 – Thu, 6th September  
S2 – Tue, 18th September
S3 – Wed, 3rd October
S4 – Thu, 18th October
S5 – Thu, 1st November
S6 – Mon, 12th November
S7 – Tue, 4th December
S8 – Thu, 20th December