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Bild für Artikel Genetic Core Family Systems </br>Working in Family Systems


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Genetic Core Family Systems
Working in Family Systems

with Techniques of Damien Wynne

Workbook (not only) for Participants
in English and German

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Who said: „If you think you are enlightened then go and have your Christmas holidays with your family!“?
We all are aware of the imbalances in our family systems and wish for clearing. The techniques of Damien Wynne can support us to invite the Divine Order back into our systems.

This Workbook and the techniques described can be helpful for yourself and can serve as guide in your daily practise with your clients.
Author: Angelika Seiterle
Alternative practitioner from 1998-2016 in own practice with focus on psychoemotional work,
Assistance to Damien Wynne and Esther Norman
Light Grids-Energywork by Damien Wynne since 2010


Workbook Genetic Core Family Systems




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