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Bild für Artikel Berlin – Intensiveday


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12 01, 2017 Berlin – Intensiveday

You access to the videorecordings of the intensiveweekday from the 01.12.2017th, in Berlin. 
All admissions are divided into small segments of maximum 30 minutes.
You can book your access link to the recordings here.


Friday, December 01

  • Super Heroes
    Holes in Systems through trauma between birth and 16th year, soulfragments and trauma-memories in brain (temporal lobe: fear of trauma), trauma closing 3rd eye, shutting down gifts, fear in reptilian brain creating habits, wounds create ego and mind projections flowing out and coming back hitting immune system, taking back all projections connecting to stemcells, bringing information back to where they belong, bringing Gods blueprint in, vomitting feeling because of frozen energies in digestion. Soul fragments come back in swirling energy up to brain, compassion transforms all, complete flow in system, opening entire system, full activation of stemcells. Mind can get active because of disconnection, full acceptance of everything: shadows, doubts, noise, resistance, focus on being energy, patterns will fade and transformation happens, gifts are opening
  • Deep resistances:
    Will it last, can it be so easy can I trust, here it is nice, but in real life..., who do you think you are, I don’t believe a word, not being able to believe, not ready yet, wait and see, seeking for prove that it’s not working, the old will come back, help for a short time but on the long run..., ok for others but not for me, it is bullshit, fear that it’s true, fear of having to take decisions, this is only imagination and not real, I’m not strong enough, not able to handle it, fear of material changes, fear of losing control, loss of old definitions, recetions of others, it is not true, it is impossible, am I able to surrender, can I believe it is possible, I don’t feel anything, am I good enough, do I really want it?, What is it?, What are we talking about, overwhelming, I’m tired, exhausted, fuck this, I am miserable, why do I want do to on, I can not do it alone, secure comfort zone, fuck the planet, shut up and fuck you, fuck life, why? Strong family patterns I can’t escape Resistances open the field for the stemcells to work.