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03 24, 2018 Düsseldorf – Intensive weekend

You access to the videorecordings of the intensiveweek-end from the 24.-25.03.2018th, in Düsseldorf. 
All admissions are divided into small segments of maximum 30 minutes.
You can book your access link to the recordings here and erhälst approx. 10-14 days after the event appointment your access data.



  • Opening up the system through a report on Tatjana's stem cell application Damien + Esther / Bringing together medicine and spirituality / Building bridges / The peculiarities of stem cell work - an explanation / report by Esther / Meditation - Confidence, Nutrition / Feedback: Experiences during meditation with the stem cells Meditation - Pain Body / Exchange of keys in the family system


  • Exchange, Turning the Body Clockwise / Meditation - Working with the word "escape" and "uncertain" / Damien offers with our "buttons" deposited in the system / Meditation - Removing the buttons that bring us out of the body / explanation Work by Damien and Matthias / Sharing on health, experiences / meditation - wanting to be controlled, wanting to be one, wanting to be separated (accepting the decision, making a choice, no more sacrifices)