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11 23, 2017 Munich - Light Grids Training 2017

You access to the videorecordings of the Light Grids Training 2017 in Munic. 
All admissions are divided into small segments of maximum 30 minutes.
You can book your access link to the recordings here.


Thursday, November 23

  • Beginn of Training
  • How to recognize order in systems?
  • How to work with stem cells / blueprints in Divine Order?
  • How to move forward within the Divine Order?
  • Opening space for supporting the stem-cell-medicine
  • Dr. Matthias Kampschulte is introducing the stem cell work
  • Past Lifes and Genetics

Friday, November 24

  • How do systems and new paradigms work in systems?

  • Dynamics in relationships through projections into the outside (partner opens my old systems).

  • Exercise: Hate, which was triggered in me, to take back to me / to feel / to restore divine order (wounds that were struck between the ages of 0-16 years)

  • Take all projections back to other people, go inside, breathe, full presence, do nothing, just be, all information is in the stem cells. Golden light, light spirals flow through us, wash away everything that does not belong to us.
    Explanation of the exercise: Holes in the lower chakras arise between 0 and 16 years. This needs to be worked on to get back to the heart-connection and wholeness. "The Holy Grail" - work with the lower chakras = source of love and soul-connection

  • exercise for spiral energy flow: connecting from the source through the heart to the head and back.


  • Stepping out of genetic overlap, seven generations back: mother and father side. Step out of the partner's genetic systems.


  • For people who have received blood transfusions or organ transplantation: emerge from the genetic information of the donor.


  • "Diamond Keywords" in Creator Energy and Stem Cells.
    Working with open wounds.
    Collection of themes: drama, not to be seen, contempt, narcissism, self sabotage.

  • Meditation: acceptance of all topics, fresh new energies.
    Exercise in groups of two: sharing the dreams and visions. Meditation: It has already happened, then: letting go of the visions

Saturday, November 25

  • Work with stickiness, resentment, wiseacres in the system
    Honoring the Teachings, About the High Council


  • Task solved> High Council gives new topic
    Abuse: offenders <> victims, DNA strands, stem cells, transformation
    Couple-Exercise> Energy Information


  • Polarities, work on hate as an important tool to get out of the hatred system of the ancestors
    Brain / frontal lobe / 3. eye, partner work, sharing


  • Explanation on frontal lobe-work, minerals


Sunday, November 26

  • In order to get attuned: connection with earth and light grid.
    Exchange.Partner exercise about brain areas, spine.


  • Teaching about the development of different teachings.
    Damien teaches the systems in a way, that they serve the highest potential.
    Dr. Matthias Kampschulte reports on measurement results around the heart, meridians, cell structures.

  • Summary of the course of a session. More about stem cells.
    Couple exchange


  • Continue with couple exchange.
    Then work in groups of eight: which were the highlights of the seminar