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88,00 €

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11 18, 2017 Vienna - Intensive weekend

You access to the videorecordings of the intensiveweek-end from the 18.-19.11.2017th, in Vienna. 
All admissions are divided into small segments of maximum 30 minutes.
You can book your access link to the recordings here and erhälst approx. 10-14 days after the event appointment your access data.



  • Relationships / Working with old belief systems that keep us from taking action
  • Take action, step into your own creator and try something new / Make decisions / Step into the new you / Session „Light Grids meets Biomagnetisms“


  • “Starting something New”– Activating life force and live it / Steps of creation / Honoring the systems / Opening for the support of the universe - stay in your core / Tools: Visualization and "Creating a New Life" Creation/ Field: to bring your vision from your Heart to Earth / Creation process for couples Coming home / Reconnection with gut feeling and removing blinkers pioneering work / My body feels my truth abuse "The universe is inside me" / Business: how to create your own business / How to make private time /Inner Fire – being creative / The quantum field brings you what you put your focus on
  • I choose to grow from what I experience / Birth your vision down to Earth / This moment in time is precious